by Egi Gaisie

As Supervisors we all portray one image or other to our ‘bosses’, our subordinates and indeed the general public (all others whom we interact with on behalf of the organization we are working for). 

Some who are good ‘actors’ may act their roles quite well but not for too long; it soon catches up on them because of the nature of hotel supervisory jobs. We cannot pretend for too long if indeed we realize we are ’round pegs in square holes’.

There is another image that only you can see; your own reflection, in the ‘mirror of self appraisal’. Some Supervisors, being uncomfortable with what they might see pass on or put down the ‘mirror’ too quickly to avoid catching sight of what image shows up.

Others, however, are unafraid to look into this ‘mirror’. These ones identify their errors and challenges, examine their mistakes and work on themselves.They eventually acquire new competencies, adding depth and quality to their educational image, personal image and professional image! May we join this group among us. The industry desperately has need of such!

A very general image was depicted of hotel supervisors in Ghana in Part 1 of the topic under discussion. It was the outcome of information compiled from different sources; a survey, some interactions with hotel supervisors during at training sessions, formal appraisals and job interviews of hotel supervisors over a period of time.

To be fair to ourselves and for this article to become relevant to you, we are invited first, to engage ourselves in the series of questions which follow; a personal inventory checklist.

We are doing this in the privacy of our rooms. Honest answers would certainly help us get motivated about our own development.

 Consider also the quotation on the top left hand as you prepare to carry out the exercises; what follows and Part 2b ( which will be presented after a few days).

Personal Inventory Checklist

  1. Do I know my strengths? Yes_ No_
  2. Do I know my weaknesses? Yes_ No_
  3. Am I involved in any program to improve my deficiencies? Yes_ No_
  4. Do I like to work with people? Yes_ No_
  5. Do I like responsibility? Yes_ No_
  6. Can I handle responsibility? Yes_ No_
  7. Am I dependable? Yes_ No_
  8. Do I follow instructions? Yes_ No_
  9. Can I work as a member of a team?Yes_ No_
  10. Do I like working with details? Yes_ No_
  11. Can I manage other people? Yes_ No_
  12. Do I prefer working with people rather than with things? Yes_ No_
  13. Do I follow through on my job from beginning to the end? Yes_ No_
  14. Do I work well under pressure? Yes_ No_
  15. Do I like to solve problems? Yes_ No_
  16. Do I find creative ways to do things when there are no set procedures? Yes_ No_
  17. Do I like to study people? Yes_ No_
  18. Do I learn from my past mistakes? Yes_ No_
  19. Do I recognize that there is always a better way? Yes_ No _
  20. Do I believe that the guest is always right? Yes _ No_
  21. Do I recognize that there is always a better way? Yes_ No_

Write out your responsibilities as a Supervisor.
A prerequisite to answer questions in Part 2b is for you to place yourself in your work environment and to take stock of what is expected of you.

Note that for some of us our job descriptions on paper differs from what we find ourselves doing. If that is you, for the sake of the exercise,  revise your job description to depict what your actual day to day responsibilities are. If you have not been given a formal job description, reflect on what your boss has been demanding from you and write them down. Include what you find yourself doing from the time you go to work till you close(at least 2 weeks observation).

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