-A Case in Point-Part 2

by Egi Gaisie

In our previous article, A Case in Point-Part 1, our Guest, a degree holder in Hospitality Administration and working in the hospitality industry for 15 years was ‘blown out’ by the covid-19 wind.   Today we meet our second Employee Guest. She is a hospitality student in one of our tertiary institutions. She was working in a hotel when the ‘wind’ of the covid-19 pandemic started blowing across Ghana. Let’s follow her story.

HOST: Thank you for accepting to come on this platform. As one holding a supervisory position, what were your expectations of your Employer when you saw the negative impact the pandemic was having on the business operation?

GUEST: My expectation was, even though the pandemic had negatively affected the business, my Employer would pay employees even half of our salaries till the pandemic is over.

HOST: Describe how much patronage you had at the hotel restaurant before the pandemic and before your contract was terminated, when the pandemic set in.

GUEST: The patronage was very high. We always had busy days both in the restaurant and for banqueting. In banqueting, we were usually serving at least 200 conference guests and at most 500 guests.

HOST: Wow…that was extremely good business! How about when the pandemic began to impact on the operation?

GUEST: When the pandemic began, everything, that is, activities dropped. Walk-in guests came one by one instead of the usual normal trend of walk- ins coming by batches of varying numbers. I even remember we had two big time conferences cancelled and that was very bad.

HOST: You had earlier informed me you were a contract worker. Why were you surprised when your contract was terminated?

GUEST: I was surprised because I had signed a new contract with the Employer three days before the termination of contract and knowing how I take my job serious, I was very, very surprised.

HOST: Do you mean you were terminated just three days after your contract was renewed?

GUEST: Yes, I signed a new contract… then after a few days, the contract was terminated.

HOST: Do you think your Employer could have dealt with the problem in a different way? If yes, which way?

GUEST: Yes, my Employer could have maintained the contract and made a payment plan with me even if it’s half salary every month to sustain me; even if it’s 100 Ghc every month.

HOST:There was no business coming in; how do you think the Employer would have paid even the barest minimum you have suggested?

GUEST: If the Employer had done that, at least we (the staff) would have worked harder to replace any loss when business starts.

HOST: What have you been doing since the contract was termination?

GUEST: Nothing, just waiting for normal business to resume for my Employer to call me back

HOST: How long will you wait before looking for another job or do something else?

GUEST: I am still optimistic my Employer will call me back to work. This is because I love my job so-o much.

HOST: So obviously, you will accept to go back to the hotel should the Employer recall you?

GUEST: I will be very happy about this, because I really love my work.

HOST: Would you mind working on similar terms and conditions as you were on, before?

GUEST: No, I will be very glad if I am made a permanent staff.

HOST: Once again, thank you so much for making time with us on this platform. I wish you all the best.

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