About Me

by Egi Gaisie

Egi Gaisie is a hospitality trainer blogger, passionate about bridging the gap between hospitality education/training and the hospitality industry operations in Ghana. She has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Her industry career is enriched by hands-on work in various positions at operational and management levels in the different departments of hotels.

As a certified hospitality educator, she shares her observations in hotels for learning purposes. She offers alerts and critiques with the aim of generating relevant discussions to sensitize members of the hospitality fraternity towards the enhancement of services and general development of the industry in Ghana.

Writing experience

Egi discovered her interest in writing when she studied literature, particularly the works of William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, ‘The Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer and ‘Songs of Sorrow’ by Kofi Awoonor. This interest spurred her on to express personal life experiences and general observations of nature and culture into free verse and poetry.

She won an award for the school she represented when she presented some of her verses and poems in a literary competition held among secondary schools in the Volta Region in Ghana. Again, a couple of her verses, ‘Home is Home’ and ‘The Drums of our Land’ was featured in Southwest Missouri State University’s newspaper after she performed a recital during an international student’s dinner, while she was a student there.

Egi shelved her ‘works’, literally going into ‘hibernation’ for about 10 years but bounced back in the early 1990s with free verses, inspired by her personal spiritual experiences, some of which have metamorphosed into songs which she sings to selected groups.

Egi is known in the industry for her formal writings. She has developed several hotel operational manuals for small hotels and a set of learning materials for distance schooling for the Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

Her personal interest in sharing on a ‘learning platform’ is sustained by her vast experience in the hotel industry. She has recently authored a book ‘Careers in the Lodging –Hospitality Industry in Ghana’, a guide on hotel careers in Ghana which also features the career paths of selected Ghanaian hotel professionals.

Professional and educational qualifications

Egi is a Certified Hospitality Trainer from the AHLA(American Hotel & Lodging Association), U.S.A., B.Sc. in Hospitality Administration, Southwest Missouri State University, USA and Master of Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. She has a Diploma in writing from The Writers Bureau, Manchester, England.


Literary work under  publication


Title: Careers in the Lodging-Hospitality industry in Ghana

This book is a guide to hotel careers in Ghana. It fills the growing gap required by the teeming Ghanaian youth to be well informed about the hotel industry in Ghana and the career opportunities it offers.

It begins with an overview of the hospitality industry then narrows down to focus on the hotel/lodging industry and the career opportunities in the hotel/lodging industry.

Careers in the Lodging-Hospitality Industry in Ghana includes a brief about the history of lodging and global trends. You will be well informed about the development of the hotel/lodging industry in Ghana and discover the generic responsibilities of the different departments in hotels. You will be provided with career tips to prepare you on what to look out for in pursuing careers in the different departments of hotels in Ghana.

Selected Ghanaian hotel professionals are showcased.

Blogger: GH Hospitality Hub

The first articles are dedicated to hotel housekeeping. Pertinent issues are discussed with the aim of challenging stakeholders to contribute their bit in the development of the industry in Ghana.

As a certified hospitality educator, she shares observations for learning purposes offers alerts and critiques with the aim of generating relevant discussions and motivating members of the hospitality fraternity. Read on GH Hospitality Hub

The Learning Gallery

Seeing is not observing. You want to be highly observant hospitality professional?  

Get on this page to sharpen your observation skills using a gallery of hospitality related pictures. It portrays a photo exhibition of diverse hotel encounters and engages you in paying close attention to details, reading images, recording, analyzing information and reasoning.

You will be able to synthesize and interpret diverse hospitality work environments.

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