Food & Beverage Department – Kitchen Operations – Part 2

by Egi Gaisie

Our expedition to hotels has so far led us to those who have opened their doors after the coronavirus lockdown. Beginning from Facilities Engineering and Maintenance department, we have gone through Security and Loss Prevention, Housekeeping and Front Office departments respectively. We are now at the Kitchen, one of two sections of the Food and beverage department. We have seen all the departments accepting the new rules on hygienic and health related practices; social distancing, wearing the face mask, cleaning high touch surfaces very frequently and washing and or sanitizing of hands.

I shared my memories of working in commercial kitchens in Part 1, but it was in reference to my persuasion for standard recipes (as a control tool) and on learning about working efficiently, which influenced my attitude towards work.

Below are pictorial illustrations of kitchen practices which contributed to sharpening my professional mannerisms. 

Kitchen Safety Signages 

A clean as you go policy is a cleaning strategy used to minimize risks to hygiene, health, and safety. You clean continually throughout the working day and making cleaning part of your daily routine to ensure that surfaces, equipment, waste, and the premises are clean, hygienic, and clutter free. 

A food safety thermometer came with my uniform 

The usage of the thermometer in the kitchen is to ensure food is kept under temperature control at all times including when food is received, stored, displayed or transported as well as during actual preparation, cooking and service of food.   

 Hand hygiene 

Color codes in the Kitchen to avoid cross contamination 

From plastic color coded chopping boards to color coded knife handles and even cleaning equipment, we are reminded to avoid cross-contamination of food in our kitchens!  

Do click on this link (Basic Introduction to Food Hygiene)

The point I have tried to bring to the fore in this article is: when it comes to hygienic practices in hotels, we can single out the food and beverage department as THE DEPARTMENT WHICH CANNOT AFFORD TO COMPROMISE WITH FOOD SAFETY and which has in place long established operational systems.  

With the above background we should be ready to meet a representative of the Chefs Association of Ghana to answer my ‘big’ question; How are we doing in our kitchens in the hospitality sector in Ghana during this era of covid-19? (and other covid-19 related questions in the next article).

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