by Egi Gaisie

“Workers don’t work and Supervisors don’t supervise.”

I have heard the above statement made about personnel in the hotel industry a number of times. What did you think of it?

In discussing personnel issues among hotel owners/ managers, ‘performance’ seems to be a concern, yet the right atmosphere is hardly created. The personnel in place are rarely the right personnel (because it is claimed the ones cannot be found) and the jobs have not been correctly designed.

You see, we exert much energy (as though working on a treadmill) but the result leaves a lot to be desired.

Effective supervision should be able to make the difference. There is quite a lot wrong in the system but with an effective supervision the wrong can be made right! (it may take time, though).

In an earlier article which featured a human resource manager/consultant, he made this remark:

Most applicants come into the hotel industry very naïve about the workings of the industry… One of the major contributory factors to high turnovers is the abject lack of the workings of the hotel industry,…Likening hotel jobs to basic household jobs done in the homes.’

Below is the ‘long awaited’  self appraisal form to guide us in assessing ourselves. There is no time limitation set. Just thoughtfully and honestly complete it.


  1. Read carefully.
  2. Prerequisites: You are a Supervisor working in a hotel. You have a job description. You have read articles on the blog since the beginning of the year. (You will appreciate this whole exercise better) .
  3. This assessment covers FIVE main categories however a total of FIFTEEN areas(represented by fifteen boxes) will be covered.
  4. You may first read all the text to have a sense of what is involved or start right away after these instructions.
  5. Complete a ‘box’ at a time; read and highlight the most appropriate performance description column which best describes you. This comes with a corresponding score. (see ‘sample’ below)
  6.  Repeat instruction #5 until you complete all the fifteen ‘boxes.’
  7. Add up the scores (e.g.3+2+1+2+2+3+3+1+2+2+2+3+3+2+1)=32
  8. Divide the total by 15(e.g 32/15= 2.13) Correct to the nearest whole number=2
  9. The answer is your overall performance (from above calculation 2)
  10. Refer to ‘Performance Definitions Rating‘ (posted separately) to interpret your overall score




Not able to carry out the basic components of subordinates’ jobs Able to carry out only the basic components of subordinates’ jobs but not guided by well defined standards Able to carry out only the basic components of subordinates’ jobs; Understands the standards required Able to carry out most tasks assigned to subordinates and able to identify shortfalls and help out Thorough knowledge and demonstration of skills. Trains subordinates, directing them as and when required. Exceptional mastery of all phases of the work. Has up to date knowledge of field
Score 0 1 2 3 4 5

Let’s take the ‘bull by the horn’ to work on ourselves. The industry needs us!

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