by Egi Gaisie


PerformancedefinitionNot able to carry out the basic components of subordinates’ jobsAble to carry out only the basic components of subordinates’ jobs but not guided by well defined standardsAble to carry out only the basic components of subordinates’ jobs. Guided by established standardsAble to carry out most tasks assigned to subordinates. Able to identify shortfalls and  to help correct themDemonstrates thorough knowledge of skills. Trains subordinates and directs them as and when required
Exhibits exceptional mastery of all phases of the job. Have currentknowledge of area of specialization

2. HUMAN RELATION SKILLSa. Communication

PerformancedefinitionTalks too much or too little. Generally misunderstood bysubordinates, colleagues and guests. However have good rapport with Owner/Manager.Interacts well with subordinates but not with others(i.e my colleagues, management, guests or Owner/
Able  to convey/ share ideas and opinions  but withdrawswhen opposed by top managementA good listener,respectful, good spoken and written English but shy and lack confidenceOpen minded, empathetic, confident and have the ability to negotiate effectively; relates with all A good listener, concise in expressing self; open minded, confident, pays attention to peoples nonverbal signals and relates well with all

b. Leadership

Performance definitionHave a strong desire to succeed but feels limited by educational, and professional requirements for the jobEmpathetic and have the ability to perform all areas of the job but lacks good judgment and driveDemonstrates self confidence but lacks requisite educational background /experience to drive the teamDemonstrates effective control of team members; exhibits adequate commitment and contributes to team efforts.
Helps subordinates feel fulfilled and passionate about their work so that they will be productive; a role model
Inspires subordinates and colleagues; improves subordinates and self; promotes transparency and provides clarity about the hotel’s goals and future

c. Team work and cooperation

Performance definition

Have no knowledge of hotel’s values and interestsHave low commitment to hotel’s interestsDemonstrates general concerns for hotel’s values and interests.Involved with and loyal to hotel’s values and interests. Have a high sense of belonging to the hotel.Demonstrates positive participation, engagement  and integration of team towards achieving goalsExhibits exceptional mastery,  highly productive and demonstrates a hyper working attitude with colleagues and peers

d. Maintaining discipline.

Performance definition
Displays lack of work ethics and talks looselyConsistent in being punctual but noted for unscheduled absences
Punctual, hard working but not willing to accept the consequences of poor performance of departmentMeets and maintains expected standards of discipline and punctuality.
Demonstrates a high sense of organizational discipline and  maintains it among subordinatesConsistent in maintaining high standard of organizational discipline and sets personal example

e. Development of Subordinates

Performance definitionShows little or no interest in the development of subordinates
Delegates work and relies on other subordinates  to trainShows concern for development for subordinates;but limited in ability to train.
Demonstratesability to explain and guidesubordinates in their work assignments

Takes positive steps towards subordinates development, like training and job enrichment/enlargement
Gives very high priority to development of subordinatesand initiates training

3. CONCEPTUAL SKILLS  a. Planning of work

Performance definitionDemonstratesindifference to planning and does not meet deadlines.
Schedules non -challenging of assignments in order to meet deadlinesInvolves subordinates in planning but fails to motivate them to meet deadlinesSets well defined targets and usually meets routine schedules
Effective in meeting tough deadlines most of the time
Highly effective in setting goals and their prioritization. Anticipates problems and takes corrective action.

b. Decision making

Performance definitionInconsistent and often biased with little thought to management policiesTakes hastydecisions under pressure without consideration to risksOver-confident and takes hasty decisionsDemonstrates consistency makes decisions as quickly as possibleConfident without being hasty and thorough without getting stuck in the details.Demonstratesobjectivity; is practical, decisive and mindful of promoting hotel’s goals .

c. Approach to problem solving

Performance definitionComplains and compounds the problemIs upset when problems come, plays the blame game
Identifies the problems but fails to solve themDemonstrates the ability to identify approved andalternative ways to solve problems

Is flexible in approach and successful in finding solutions to many unusual problems
Is extremely resourceful and has practical andinnovativeskills to solve problems.

d. Ability to achieve results

Performance definition
Underutilizes available resources and underperforms
 Uses available resources but underperforms
Achieves below expected results despite good organization
Achieves results expected through good organization and follow-ups.
Achieves superior results and is able to withstand work pressures
Highly effective in organizing resources and getting extra ordinary results.


Performance definition
Not committed to hotel’s interestsDemonstrateslimited concern for hotel’s and more keen on serving the interests of guests/customersUnable to translate  values and interests into hotel operational processesdemonstrates  adequate concern for hotel’s values and interestsand incorporatesit into operational processes Demonstrates loyalty to hotel’s values and interests. Portrays a high sense of belonging.
Thoroughly identifies with hotel’s values and interestsand transmits them to peers and subordinates


Performance definitionGives excuses for not being able to maintain performance standards; not maintaining appropriate records and wasteful in utilization of resourcesInconsistent in maintaining performance standards; maintains appropriate records and usually exceeds budget limitationsInconsistent in maintaining performance standards but maintains records.  Works withinbudget limitationsMeets performance standards, maintains and analysis records and operates within budget limitationsEnhances standard performance standards and achieves them. Maintains up to date and accurate records, analytical and works within budget limitationsExceptional mastery in developing, and achieving quality standards; maintains up to date and accurate records; analytical and makes savings on operational costs

b. Subordinates

Performance definitionOverlooks safety procedures and overly friendly with employeesProvides a safe work environment, but often plays favoritism between employees Provides a safe work environment, but bias when representing employees to top managementProvides a safe work environment, consistent and fair  to them ,motivates them but not able to effectively defend their course to top managementProvides a safe work environment, treats them with respect ,motivates them to move ahead and fair in handling subordinatesProvides a safe work environment, treats them with respect, adequately represents them to top managers.  Consistent and fair in handling subordinates

c. Guests

Performance definitionFeels intimidated by guestsFails to keep a professional distance from guestsMakes guests feel wanted and welcome but not able to follow through to identify guest expectationsHas a balance view of working from guests’perspectivesresolves problems quickly and to the guests’ satisfactionMaintains a professional relationship at all times, and helps. Effectively handles one-on-one interactions with guests/customersProvides exceptional experience ;approaches guests to ensure they are enjoying their stay and ensures complaints or requests are satisfactorily dealt with

d. Other Professionals

Performance definitionLooking for opportunity to change jobs/professionInterested, but too busy to engage in any professional activity to enhance knowledgeReads management materials to broaden scope of knowledgeActive in a related professionalassociationInvolved in continuous professionaldevelopmentServes as a mentor or coaches others

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