by Egi Gaisie

It was Ghana’s second annual National Customer Service Week. There was much excitement in celebrating the weeklong event during the first week of this month (October). This was to raise awareness of customer service. Many came on board to give the needed support with enthusiasm. Thanks to Service Excellence Foundation, Ghana, who organized the activities in collaboration with Ghana Tourism Federation, Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Partner sponsors!

Was it just a fuss? Not at all!

For some of us it was an opportunity to review and ‘dream’ again about consolidation of national hospitality standards!

Standards; they exist in almost all aspects of modern life and have a huge influence on everyday life. My ‘good friend’ and ‘professor’ in the image above has just informed us of other ways of expressing ‘not up to standard’.

Every industry, every profession operates with certain standards. Standards play a key role in an environment where an organization is to be at its best for achieving success. So, can’t we consider the elements that should feed into the national standard for ‘Ghanaian hospitality’ and promote it?

Most standards are voluntary in the sense that people or industry offers them for adoption without making them mandatory in law. Some standards become mandatory when regulators adopt them as legal requirements in particular domains, often for the purpose of safety or for consumer protection from deceitful practices. – Wikipedia

Source: SlideShare

This begins a brief series on standards in the hospitality industry.

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