by Egi Gaisie

All the discussions I intend to have on this platform will be influenced by:

  • My professional knowledge of the hospitality industry (I have decided to focus on hotels).
  • My  vast hands-on experience from operational to managerial and consultancy levels.
  • My interactions with several hotel personnel at all levels and with some stakeholders in the industry.
  • My continuous interest in the industry and the reading of current materials about the industry.
  • Formal and informal surveys and researches carried out in the industry, relevant to the issues presented
  • Feedback I receive from you, my readers. 

In building momentum to my writings I find it necessary to remind ourselves of my goals on this platform:

  • Share my observations of the hotel industry in Ghana from the point of view of the employee/personnel towards kindling the conscience of whom the cup fits.
  • Generate relevant discussions towards motivating members in the hospitality fraternity to identify opportunities for development and growth.

My approach has been offering alerts, critiques, suggestions and/or directly challenging whoever the article targets. As indicated on my welcome page, 2018, the agenda for at least half the year will focus on supervisory practices in the hotel industry in Ghana and hospitality education, training and development.
Why Supervisors?
Last year I focused on operational personnel in different hotel departments.My interview with the HR at the close of the year hinted at challenges in the area of supervision. Personally, I have encountered quite a number of hotel supervisors juggling unsuccessfully with their responsibilities(some of which are undefined).
Hotel Supervisors face unique challenges irrespective of the star rating of the hotel. In Ghana, the lower the star rating of the hotel the more complex and demanding I think their jobs seem. I empathize with them and intend to discuss the issues on supervisory practices in hotels in Ghana dispassionately.
Why Hospitality education, training and development?
This is an area we as a country seem to be ‘dancing’ around or in a roller coaster status!Many institutions (both public and private) which have ventured into this area are making many and diverse efforts to enhance their ‘output’ to impart on the industry. Somehow the gap between industry and education is growing wider and wider particularly with technology ‘seeping into’ operations.
In these articles , I will put on my Hospitality Educator shoes.
Welcome to GH Hospitality.

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