by Egi Gaisie

The year began with a teaser; refer posting of 11th January.

A ‘Welcome’ page drew readers’ attention to the objectives of the blog; that, part of the year would be dedicated to supervisory practices and to hospitality education, training and development in Ghana.
Then there was ‘Hard Talk’, which identified who we(supervisors) are, how we get our positions as ‘Supervisors’, and what we are expected to be doing. There was a description of the public image of us; the portrait was rather uncomplimentary.

Acknowledging that there is a lot wrong in our system, some of us know we should be able to make a significantly positive impact on the hotels we are operating from and the hotel industry in Ghana, by developing a ‘take charge image’. It requires that we position ourselves more effectively. We will find ourselves gaining much better control of how we must be seen and regarded by others.

We established a common understanding of what is expected of us as Supervisors, and using that as a ‘mirror’, we participated in a ‘Self appraisal’ (2b).

It’s not too late to participate if you have not carried out the exercise. You may take the ‘Self Appraisal’ now.

Please note: Knowing ABOUT the roles you are expected to play as a Supervisor and having an in-depth understanding to FUNCTION are TWO DIFFERENT things.

This  article addresses issues arising from the ‘Self Appraisal’, particularly for those who participated in it.

You are among one of the following six categories of readers:

  1. A First-timer or a reader who is yet to participate in the exercises; particularly 2b, the ‘Self Appraisal’.  
  2. Upon participating and rating yourself, you find yourself in one of the following performance ratings:
  • Unacceptable
  • Below Standard
  • Expected Standard
  • Above Standard
  •  Outstanding

You are encouraged to share your unique work environment and its challenges on  Search; Egi Gaisie or [email protected]
For those who may want a second opinion on the outcome, you may ask someone who knows you well on the job, and who will be truthful to you, to carry out the same assessment on you. Compare your results. 


Many people constantly underestimate themselves.It comes from low esteem, low confidence and low assurance. This prevents them from progressing in life.

You are destroying yourself. Rise up and make yourself count in those areas which have been identified to be your strengths first then follow the coming up articles to help you in the areas you are weak at. Note: As long as you are afraid of failure you can never win.

Develop the ‘CAN DO’ mentality, embrace failures and criticisms as stepping stones towards learning. Find a support system; people who will lift you up or encourage yourself through the challenges.This platform could be one.

You have a hidden talent.  You are capable of achieving anything you are passionate about!


In other words, you think you are able to do more than you can or better than you can. That’s what ‘overestimating yourself’ means. What if I told you, ‘You have been your worst enemy’, that ‘you are deceiving yourself ‘(a bitter pill to take).

Be true to yourself. Stop being defensive, be realistic and be willing and ready to learn and grow up.


Once we know where we are at, individually, each person will ‘take the bull by the horn’, begin working towards becoming an EFFECTIVE HOTEL SUPERVISOR with subsequent articles.

There is a place for you.

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