by Egi Gaisie

This is really not an article.It is a page created for you to apply yourself to the different pictorial situations depicted below. You have been empowered with information on SERVICE as a PACKAGE in the last two articles.
Kindly read those articles if you have not done so, then tackle the issues presented pictorially in a comprehensive manner. Identify possible challenges and suggest ways to overcome them.

1.The hotel has a challenge of storage space. The empty crates in the picture are against a side wall to the lobby and the reception. The doors of a few guestrooms face this unsightly scene. How can you help?

2. This little lawn on the left is in front of three guestrooms. The public space cleaner was not immediately available.

Do you see what is wrong?

As a Supervisor consider what standards to develop and how to effectively implement the standards. How would you ensure the prevention/ recurrence of this and similar scenarios?  Describe suggestions to enhance this space?

3. There were cats all around the open restaurant. Do you know if their presence is permissible by the Ghana Tourism Authority? Apparently, they ward off mice and lizards. Consider various steps you would take to avoid this.  There is a recent ‘craze’ to incorporate animals as part of hotel packages and then we turn around and inform guests we do not permit pets. What are your thoughts?

 4. This picture below is a scene right behind the  wall of a hotel in Cape Coast.The women(not in the picture) fry fish and yam for passersby. Does it influence the SERVICE PACKAGE?  What would you suggest without creating loss of business for the women?

5. This captures a houseman carrying out the task of sweeping the parking lot about 6:30am in a moderately high status hotel in Accra. How does it influence on the SERVICE PACKAGE? Look critically at his attire; foot wear, uniform and tool/equipment for performing the task. How can you help to cause him to take pride in his job?

6. Two big stones used as a ‘door stop’ of a meeting room. Obviously what have been provided by the architects (seen by the stones)is not effective. Any recommendations?

7. When a guest comes across a life cockroach and draws your attention to it rather jokingly, how would you respond? How can you help to correct the image of the SERVICE PACKAGE?

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