by Egi Gaisie

Over the years, I have had a few people nudge me, directing my attention to write on Customer Service. I have avoided it, intentionally. For me, it is a ‘monster’ of a topic with several tentacles, preferring to treat it as ‘tailored’ to fit specific groups!

The U.S. has been celebrating Customer Service week since 1987. In 1992, the U.S. Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event and has been celebrating it annually, during the first full week in October.

The U.K. also celebrates its National Customer Service Week during the same period and it is a weeklong opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy.

Here in Ghana, we saw the media launching of the 2nd year of the Customer Service week, on 10 August, dubbed ‘NAKOFEST’ 2022.

The Service Excellence Foundation (SEF), under the auspices of the Ghana Tourism Federation and in collaboration with the Ghana Tourism Authority and Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture, is celebrating this 2nd National Customer Service Week under the theme: “Enhancing the Customer Service Experience Through Excellence”.

The Executive Director of the Service Excellence Foundation and Creative Lead of the event, Caleb Kofie, explained that the event would create national awareness of the role and impact of customer service in businesses while appreciating the efforts and contributions of employees and customers for service excellence in their sectors. – B&FT

To support this arduous task, this introductory feature opens the door for a series on Customer Service until the week of the celebration of NAKOFEST 2022 in October.

Below are cartoons to tease out various aspects of customer service and to serve as ‘food for thought!

Sources: Medium and Hyken
Sources: Pinterest and Pinimg

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Getsa August 27, 2022 - 8:25 am

There is a need for constant training, to bring awareness to the importance of good customer service.

Egi Gaisie September 21, 2022 - 7:15 pm

Getsa-Training, Training, Training and training content must be relevant. Thanks for your input.


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