by Egi Gaisie

Observing the growing interest on this platform, it has become necessary to push the pause button to the series on ‘The Image of Hotel Supervisors.. to quickly put out this briefing.

As known in the hotel industry, although briefings are traditionally given at the beginning of shifts, nothing stops supervisors from quickly calling on their teams during the course of work for a quick ‘briefing’.

This briefing is therefore not to check your preparedness(that was done with the presentation of the agenda at the beginning of the year. Ref. Jan 9, Welcome Brief). It is to share some critical information, motivate us and together, enhance our learning process and experience.

Cautioning ourselves not to have a ‘business as usual‘ attitude as implied in earlier articles at the beginning of the year, a new approach to draw us/learners into near real-life environment, is described; the benefits are first listed followed by a background information.

The new approach will: 

  • Keep us together.
  • Enable us maintain focus.
  • Provide us a common understanding of our total learning environment.
  • Add value to our learning experience.
  •  Enhance our powers of observation, analysis, integration, understanding and decision making.
  • Build our confidence towards making the required adjustments for a renewed and enhanced supervisory image.

(We need to have knowledge of the hotel ‘environment’ in Ghana)

Facts: Hotels in Ghana 
(As at 31st December 2016(the latest information in hand)

  •  Total number of licensed hotels 2,969
  • Only approximately 23% are Star-rated
  • About 71% are Budget hotels
  • Approximately 6% are Guesthouses

Star-rated Hotels 
(Of the  681 star -rated hotels)

  • 1-Star hotels approx. 59%
  • 2-Star hotels approx. 33%
  • 3-Star hotels approx. 6%
  • 4-Star hotels approx. 2%
  • 5-Star hotels approx. non existing(0.44%)

A quick analysis of the above data shows that the majority (2,119) of our hotels  are Budget rated, followed by 403 (no.)1-Star hotels and 223 (no.) 2-Star  hotels.

Ghana has 39 (no), 3-star rated hotels, 12 (no.), 4-star rated hotels and 3(no.), 5-star rated hotels.

The above data throws a lot of light on the likely contributory factors to the challenges we have been observing in our industry.

Nevertheless, the data also serves as useful information for us on this platform to work within the realities the industry is facing. We will therefore find ourselves addressing issues rampant in budget rated hotels as well as 1- and 2-star rated hotels more often than the 3 to 5 star rated hotels. (this does not imply we will ignore them)

Information provided below will be serving as reference to ‘the current series‘ when the pause button is released Additional information will be introduced as and when necessary.


For the purposes of this PLATFORM ONLY please take note of the hotel industry statistics in GANA (not a spelling mistake). It is our conception information required to continue our learning series.


Name:(reference of all licensed commercial lodging facilities) GANA Hotels





ASHANTEY 2 3 16 21
EASDERN 1 2 1 10 14
G/AKRA 1 3 6 3 22 35
TAMAR 1 1 7 9
U-EST 3 3
U-WES 1 1
VULTA 1 1 5 7
WESDERN 1 3 6 10
TOTAL 1 7 17 6 89 120

Overview of the Hotel Industry in Gana 

Gana has a total of 120 licensed accommodation facilities as at 31st December 2016. The table above categorizes them into star -rated, guest houses and budget hotels.
(At appropriate times in our discussions, we, as individuals, should be able to demonstrate our ability to determine what these categories imply so that we can make meaningful recommendations at our respective work places when the need arises).  

Reading the ‘Total‘  column(last box on the left), you will observe that G/Akra has the largest number of hotels, 35; this is followed by Ashantey with 21 hotels. These two regions also reflect the highest number of star-rated hotels except Ashantey which does not have hotels within 3-star to 5-star ratings.The least number of hotels (1), is found in U-Wes.
The black patches imply there are no hotels of the specified rating in the regions against the patches. 

3/4/5-Star Hotels 
Gana has only one hotel within this category and the hotel is located in G/Akra.

2-Star Hotels
Gana has seven of such hotels. They are dotted in Ashantey, Easdern, G/Akra and Wesdern, with G/Akra topping the list with three hotels in the region. This is followed closely by Ashantey, two and  Easdern and Wesdern having one each.

1-Star Hotels
1-star rated hotels in Gana is the second largest category of hotels after budget hotels. Again the majority can be found in G/Akra with six, followed by Ashantey and Wesdern regions each carrying three.

Budget Hotels 
Budget hotels make up the most of the hotels in Gana. This category comprises 74% of hotels in Gana. Further, it is interesting to note that budget hotels can be found in every region. The most, twenty-two, are in G/Akra region followed by sixteen in Ashantey.  

You may carry out further analysis using the above table. (this exercise alone can be a learning experience)

As indicated above this is just the conception stage of GANA hotels on this platform. The above information immediately places us in a ‘neutral gear’ and has enabled me to know how to ‘steer our ship’.

You are invited to have fun on this learning platform by providing me names of  our ‘make believe hotels’! Just make sure you indicate the region and the star-rating or if its a guest house. Providing the number of rooms won’t be bad. I will register you as the ‘Owner’/Supervisor !




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