Awakening to Eco-Tourism in Ghana: The Savanna Circuit Part 1 cont.

by Egi Gaisie


Many refer to it as Paga Crocodile Pond or Paga Sacred Crocodile Pond. I have read articles making reverence to the same place as Paga Crocodile Park, a few Ghanaian brochures I have come across refer to it as ‘a sanctuary’. They all depict different concepts, in my view. What we call it matters, but much more, what we are making of this asset with its legendry story will determine its future.

The Paga Crocodile Pond is the only second place in the world where you can get your picture taken while petting or holding the tail of a full-grown live adult crocodile. The other place is the village of Bazoule in Burkina Faso.

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Like the majority of Visitors who take photographs with the crocodiles, I followed the norm; bought a chicken for the guide to call and to entice a crocodile out of the pond. When it had happily fed on the chicken I took my turn to first, touch the tail then I ventured ‘sitting on’ it! And that was it!

Reviews about this experience are varied; ranging from ‘nothing special’ to ‘a unique experience’ and in regards to value for money, comments included ‘Rip-off, but still a nice experience’ and ‘Overpriced and disappointing.’ An enhanced environment with interesting activities aiming at giving ‘value for money’ would be useful.


In Widnaba, among the attractions is a hollow baobab tree in which a visitor can enter. History tells of potential slaves held captive in the tree.

I remember the trip to Widnaba eco-tourism site as a very difficult one but a lot may have changed over the years. Notwithstanding hiccups in the project, there is a Visitors center and some organized activities.

Sources: Modern Ghana, Travel

The Pikworo Slave Camp (not among the 14 community based eco-tourism sites) was too close to the Paga Crocodile pond to bypass.Recent pictures show some level of attention on this historical landmark. I have personally named it ‘the open museum’.

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Source: Beyond the Return
Source: Beyond the Return
Source: Beyond the Return
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We wrap off the community based eco-tourism sites in the Savanna Circuit with Weichau Hippo Sanctuary next week.

This week’s puzzle covers the Savanna Circuit. Try your hand at it.

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