by Egi Gaisie

The image on the left  sets the tone for the year’s discussion on this platform. Closing last year I put up an African proverb, ‘if you wish to move mountains tomorrow you must start by lifting stones today.’

Happy New Year and welcome  to GH Hospitality Hub for 2018.

The agenda this year is to take a close look at two major areas.
One is in hotel operations-the real supervisory practices in the hotel industry in Ghana (not the text book stuff)- and address a selection of concerns and/or topical issues. The other is on hospitality education, training and development in Ghana. The latter is quite a broad topic but I will aim at just ‘lifting stones’ in this area.

My general observations particularly of rentals and catering services (a growing part of the hospitality industry in Ghana) during the Christmas and New year holidays brought to memory a timeless but classic song, ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ 

Enjoy it!

Will we ever learn?

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