–Part 4

by Egi Gaisie

Once you consider traveling particularly towards tourism, be sure it will be accompanied by services.  So far, you have been introduced to associations related to transportation and agencies to help, and associations with their core business as ‘places to spend the night’ (lodging/accommodation).

This week you get to know the associations in the food and beverage business under GHATOF. This particular sector is different from the other sectors in satisfying the needs of customers. Food and drink satisfy one of the most important physiological needs of people; hunger and thirst. This need is satisfied for a very short period of time, after which that physiological need arises again, which has to be met.

When you step out of your house to take some food in a foodservice outlet, whether it’s at the sitting area offered by the waakye, yakayake, or kenkey seller or in a chop bar, a fine dining restaurant, a fast food restaurant or a hotel restaurant, your meal experience will usually factor the food quality, service style, interaction with personnel, the atmosphere, food deals, etc.

There are many opportunities for creativity in the cooking, presentation and service of foods as well as creating an ambiance for customers! A culinary executive, executive chef and global culinary trendologist once said, “There are a lot of ways that things can be more of an experience rather than just, ‘oh, here’s food’. “

No wonder we have the most number of associations in this sector! But here is my teaser for the week before you take a peek at the food and beverage associations.

What do the following eight words have in common?


Hint: It is more than having letters repeated in each one.

Find below Food and Beverage associations under GHATOF.

Logo/Web LinkName of AssociationDescriptionMembership Who may Join?Contact Name (Association Presidents)Contact References
Bartenders Association of GhanaFounded in 2014 as a non-governmental organization for Bar Staff, Baristas, Sommeliers, Connoisseurs, and EnthusiastsBar Staff, Baristas, Sommeliers, Connoisseurs, and Enthusiasts.Mr. Emmanuel Treku[email protected] 0247955355 050 302 0715  
Bartenders Guild, GhanaRepresents a collective voice to facilitate constructive dialogue with respective provincial liquor licensing agencies across Ghana, with the aim of raising awareness of quality products.All Bartenders and people willing to learn including students.Mr. Stephen Kojo AidooInstagram: @bartendersguildghana Twitter: @BARTENDERS_GH Email: [email protected] Gifty Mensah: 0549491403 Eugene Akoi:0558115416  
Ghana Bar Operators AssociationThe association is purely comprises of drinking bar owners. It is well organized in Greater Accra, Central, Eastern, Volta and Northern Regions.Only owners of drinking bars in GhanaS. K. Mensah0243678425
Stephenensah976@gmail com    
Not availableHeritage Food and Drinks AssociationPendingPendingGloria ColleyPending
Not available  Ghana Indigenous Caterers AssociationA novelty body to promote Ghanaian indigenous foods and its safe consumptionCaterersFrancis A. DjangmahPending
Ghana Traditional Caterers AssociationMembers are engaged in preparing different Ghanaian traditional foods to sell to organizations and the general public.Owners of chop bars and venders of foods and beveragesMr. Francis Nana Kwasi Owusu Edusei (Acting)Pending  
Ghana Barbecue AssociationGBQA seeks to serve as a national platform to promote the barbecue industry, which eventually will create jobs for the youth and boost the local economy.The association is open to all barbecue lovers and everyone else.Madam Eyram Doris LumorPhone: +233 553700277 / +233 247250492 /0555590076 Email: [email protected] Instagram: @ghahabbqaofficial Facebook: Ghana Barbecue Association  
Ghana Chefs AssociationOver the past decade it has positioned itself as the mother body of all culinary professionals across the country,within the past year however CAG has repositioned itself as an important partner for Ghana’s development within culinary industry.
Chef Isaac SackeyP.O.Box KN 1589 Kaneshie – Accra +233244194615

Note: Where associations could not be reached to verify information gathered, writer relied on the sources (links) indicated against the respective associations shown below.

Ghana Bartenders Association: retrieved from Facebook

Ghana Indigenous Caterers Association: Website

Ghana Traditional Caterers Association: Website

Heritage Food and Drinks Association: GHATOF Secretariat

Chefs Association of Ghana: Website

All other information were received directly from the respective associations named above.


If you take the first letter and move it to the rear of the word, you get the same word when read backwards.



Thank you

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