– Series 1-A Crossword Puzzle on Festivals in Ghana

by Egi Gaisie

I’m sure this has taken you all, by surprise! I hope it is a pleasant one. 

I needed a break and figured out you would too, after a journey showcasing a few institutions which offer hospitality and tourism programs; beginning with Flair Training Institute, and HOTCATT (Hotel, Catering and Tourism Training Institute). We took a leap to show case the departments of hospitality and tourism at UCC (University of Cape Coast), TTU (Takoradi Technical University) and CCTU(Cape Coast Technical University) respectively. I gathered a lot of information I would want to reflect on.  

So, I have planned some fun games for the next four weeks. They will come as crossword puzzles, scrambled words or word search games which will be focused on the hospitality and tourism industry. 

Today’s game is a crossword puzzle on festivals in Ghana. I have made it very easy because I want it to be fun. Crossword puzzles are an extremely popular pastime. It is believed they sharpen the brain.  

NOTE: The puzzle is in an image form so you will not be able to write on it. However, you may use the comment section to write your answers to correspond to the numbers against the clues provided. 

The answers will be displayed next week 

For instance: 1 – Homowo (not the correct answer for this). Make sure your word fits both directions. 


Festivals In Ghana

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Michael Kissi August 19, 2021 - 7:36 am

My answers to the puzzle are as follows: 1. Nkronu Festival 2. Ngmayem Festival 3. Edina Bronya 4. Fire Festival 5. Fetu Afahye 6. Hogbetsotso

Ebenezer Quainoo August 19, 2021 - 11:52 am

1. Nkronu Festival
2. Ngmayem Festival
3. Edina Bronya
4. Damba Festival
5. Fetu Afahye
6. Hogbetsotso


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